Alfred Apaka

His rich baritone voice was captivating and it made him the foremost interpreter of Hapa Haole music ( blending Hawaiian music with traditional pop arrangements and English lyrics). His songs and his voice conveyed a strong imagery of the Hawaiian Islands. He toured the mainland and performed with Bob Hope. His TV appearances included the Ed Sullivan Show. When Hawaiian Village ( now Hilton Hawaiian Village ) was built, developer, Mr. Henry J. Kaiser, specifically created the mammoth geodesic dome ( which no longer sits on the property ) for Alfred Apaka. At one time Mr. Kaiser wanted to buy the Island of Molokai and he intended to rename it "Apaka Island."

Alfred performed regularly on the radio program,"Hawaii Calls. In the years before air travel, his beautiful voice was heard all over the world on the radio program. He made people dream of coming to the Hawaiian Islands through his enchanting voice and music. Alfred Apaka is considered the first to introduce the world to Hawaiian Music. He only recorded for less than a decade but he set a standard. His grand aunt, Lydia Aholo, was the hanai daughter of Queen Lili'uokalani. Alfred died suddenly of a heart attack at age 40 while playing handball at the YMCA in Honolulu.

Visit the statue of Alfred Apaka at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in the Tapa Concourse.

Alfred Apaka's only child, Jeff Apaka, is the Community Relations Director of the Waikiki Community Center. Jeff also has a rich baritone voice and he sings at many venues in Waikiki for special events.

Alfred Apaka was inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame in 1995. Visit

Visit Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame in the Embassy Suites Hotel on Lewers St.